About February Rose

Hi there! I'm Michelle Beaudrot, a free-spirited multidisciplinary artist currently immersing myself in the enchanting world of watercolor botanical art. Living right on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, just north of Atlanta, I find endless inspiration in the breathtaking landscapes that surround me.

My journey here began in early 2021 when I took a leap of faith, leaving behind a successful career in kitchen, bath, and interior design in New York. Deep within my heart, I knew it was time to follow my lifelong passion for art, a flame that has burned brightly within me since I was a young child.

Nature and flowers hold a special place in my creative process. They possess a magical ability to evoke emotions and carry profound meanings. Each blossom represents love, life, happiness, and the power of a simple, thoughtful gesture. The mere scent of a flower can trigger a rush of memories, while their vibrant beauty mesmerizes and illuminates our surroundings. Like the ever-changing seasons, I believe artists should continuously evolve, refusing to be confined to a single box or niche. With this mindset, I strive to infuse the world with ever-growing beauty through my artwork.

Join me on this journey as I paint with vibrant colors, embrace the wonders of nature, and seek to capture the fleeting essence of flowers. Together, let's celebrate the joyous dance of creativity and find inspiration in the ever-changing beauty that surrounds us.